Little Miss Luk represents strength and the courage to be unique. Its clean shapes create interesting proportions that can ignite our little’s one’s imagination. As a bespoke gown designer, Vivian often plays with proportions on a woman's body and it has always been her passion to help women feel confident. Little Miss Luk's 3-dimensional structures are also designed to make our little ones feel confident.

We don't only want to design a dress for you, we want to create an experience that will be cherished forever.

"I envision little girls in dresses that are bold and make a statement yet it can also be very clean and simple. I didn't want to just make miniature versions of my adult gowns, I wanted to extract certain parts of the adult gowns and recreate new proportions on a little girl. Even thought LML is catered for special moments, the dresses can still be playful because they are designed for children. Each size has a slightly different proportion appropriate for each age."