• I love the Kaylen dress so much that I bought three of them in different colors! My daughter looked so lovely in it. She wore the Kaylen dress to many special occasions. She wore a light blue one at her first piano performance and school's 'Music Appreciation Day,' a pink one to her birthday party and singing performance, and a white Kaylen at her Recital competition and concert. Every time my daughter wears the Kaylen dress, she receives a lot of compliments on how adorable she looks. The Kaylen dress also made me dream of returning back to my own wonderful childhood, being free and just wanting to be pretty everyday as a little girl. Thank you Vivian Luk for this wonderfully designed dress. We absolutely love it! We are looking forward to many more amazing ready-to-wear children dresses from your amazing hands.

    - Kelly

  • Little Miss Luk dresses are perfect for my daughter. They are exactly what I look for to wear to special occasions. They are very playful so my daughter can still have fun running around and playing with her friends. What I like about LML is that they make girls look unique, fashionable and strong.The Umbrella dress is my daughter’s favourite, absolutely amazing and in such high quality. It is a perfect fit for my six year old daughter.

    In my daughter’s words “The dress was fabulous and I felt so comfortable in it. The dress made me feel confident and I want to wear it forever!”

    Vivian is a very creative designer, detail oriented and patient. Her work is absolutely exquisite. I love the embroidery, the layers and textures and her colors! Thank you so much!

    - Adela

  • I saw the Kaylen dress and I fell in love. I am also deeply touched by the story behind the Kaylen dress so I had to buy the dress for my daughter who's around the same age as Kaylen. Kaylee first wore it on her first birthday and everyone was wow as we walked it. I love the structured of the dress, it’s so unique and special, you won’t find it anywhere. The design of the structure allows Kaylee to wear it loosely at her first birthday, but to my surprise Kaylee was able to wear it again over a course of over a year, because the dress looks tighter as well! My husband said to me the other day that we should buy a Little Miss Luk’s dress for our daughter every year!

    - Michelle

  • Little Miss Luk is more special than the usual assortment of toddler dresses which can be be too cutesy, stiff, or princess-like in comparison. Despite being quite simple and structured, the Kaylen dress makes a strong impression on my daughter. It finds a balance between pretty and elegant which is very difficult...while also being surprising versatile. My daughter has successfully worn her Kaylen dress from ages 2-4 at a variety of events, including weddings, balls, fancy parties, and portrait sessions. As she has grown up, the dress must grow with her as it seems to look slightly different each time she wears it!

    As an added benefit, my daughter always seems to be especially well behaved whenever she wears her Kaylen dress. The dress seems to inspire a sense of decorum and manners so she acts accordingly, and as a result I've always found it easy to keep her dress clean and neat at events. And my daughter is always very proud to wear her Kaylen dress, holding her skirt and proudly twirling around for all to see, and receives a ton of compliments.

    - Isabelle